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Eliminate risks as if they’d never existed.

Humanitarian procurement is normally restricted by many controls such as segregation of approvers, purchasing thresholds, and complicated consequential documentation. This documentation is generally inspected after delivery and before payment to ensure they comply with internal and external policies. Despite all that, the public sector is anticipating $2.6 Billion in losses to fraud and corruption, according to OECD. What if organizations deploy more controls in all stages of procurement to ensure mistakes and fraud is minimized

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Exceptional Services

Our services are market driven. They are tailored to market dynamics and customer needs. 

Business owners worry about issues and risks facing their success more than anything else. Accelerating the business while potentially facing threats without paying proper attention and taking adequate measures to avoid them is quite dangerous. 

One of many of those risks is supply chain disruption. Suppliers play a significant role in ensuring smooth and uninterrupted production, which is an ultimate objective to be accomplished on the level of operational, strategic management. What makes it riskier is being the business owners far from their suppliers who may not be able to apply the proper control to ensure suppliers perform their contractual obligations on schedule.

Market Research

Carry out quick and effective market research to understand the risks and price bottom lines of products you are going to purchase

Delivery Inspection

Assign an expert and independent team to inspect the pre/post shipment of contracted goods and services to minimize the risk of nonconformities

Supplier Verification

Do you have worries about your suppliers? Have you verified their existence and viability? We got your back.

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Features of Our Services

Why Choose Us?

We will make a significant decline in your supply chain risks appetite and deliver the most desirable outcomes. We are willing to take many hazards away from the humanitarian organizations plate, especially when it comes to reaching risky areas in Syria. 

Innovative strategies

Our strategy is built on deploying specific tools and controls to each procurement stage, starting with market research in the pre-tender stage and ending with delivery and invoicing in the contracting stage.

Results-Oriented Solutions

We aim at reducing the cost of goods and services purchased by humanitarian agencies through doing the due market assessment and analysis and through reducing the risks of fraud and corruption. We have already identified cost drivers and issues and risks in the humanitarian Syrian context.

Transparency and Integrity

Integrity is our most important capital. We as a third-party supply chain entity report our services through transparent and accountable tools.