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Our Suppliers are Our Partners

ChainsBerg works on supplying other businesses with their needs by finding the best-performing suppliers. Our responsibility and experience field is to assess and inspect the supplier capacity, capability, and suitability for doing this business. If you are interested in applying to ChainsBerg to be added to our supplier list, please make sure you fill in the form by pressing the button below.

Please note that by applying to be added to the supplier list, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to our Confidentiality and Privacy policies.

We want to ensure that your information will be kept safely according to our Confidentiality Policy and will not be distributed to your competitors or other parties you do not consent to.
Please also be sure to read and comprehend the ChainsBerg Supplier Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that all suppliers should comply with to ensure all interests are adequately protected against legal and ethical implications.

To learn more about how we conduct our assessment and evaluation of suppliers, please visit our Vendor Assessment Approach in English and Arabic.

Have Any Questions?


Please feel free to navigate Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further inquiries, get in touch.

Our services cover South Turkey and North Syria.

Yes, we posted on our YouTube channel many tutorials explaining all steps of using our platform and especially how supplier can react to RFxs and POs.

Unfortunately, only English language is used in our platform. As a solution, you can translate the page to your language by installing google translate extension on your web browser.

All our services are customer-tailored. We collect our fees from the customer we work for. Suppliers are not charged any fees.

Yes, our procurement and sourcing platform supports fillable built-in forms which can be filled out when we request for quotations. However, suppliers can attach as many other printed documents as they wish.

We do not believe that the traditional way of suppliers being visited by customer representatives to collect offers, contracts, POs, invoices, etc. is a successful approach for many reasons.

  1. Traditional way is more time and cost consuming where it needs more time and cost to transport between business areas.
  2. Traditional way is less secure where risks of theft, kidnapping, traffic accidents are high.
  3. Traditional way is less transparent where audit trail is not maintained or at least is not systematic. Our platform guarantees full transparency of all phases of sourcing and procurement.
  4. Not all suppliers in North Syria has the capacity to print paper and scan them. Our platform is easy to use and does not need any expertise to handle. Suppliers only have to fill out the prices and description of products and press the “send” button to reach the customer. 
  5. To preserve a clean environment, it is more effective to communicate with the suppliers though a web-based platform to reduce the emission of transportation vehicles and the usage of paper.